December 9, 2017

journal of dentistry

The layman and his lady, in this tense, is the happily married couple. They are proud as peacocks, both male and female. To be PC, as in politically correct then, the laywoman and her supportive and doting husband are also quite relieved. To put it mildly, they are actually being quite modest. They are falling quite short in acknowledging that they have done much in ensuring that their family’s health is sound and all is well under their roof.

One of the resourceful and responsible and proactive things that they have been doing is taking matters into their own hands. They are not taking everything that their local GP and dentist are dispensing at face value. In a sense, by utilizing an online family health medical journal and journal of dentistry, they are giving themselves a second opinion. They are not doubting everything their doctors tell them, they are just making absolutely sure that what these skilled and educated practitioners are telling them adds up.

They know wisely enough that their medical practitioners do not know their family as intimately as they do. And you would have to be one of the worlds most dedicated and brilliant child doctors to understand every word the child stutters out, never mind its symptoms. Invariably, and more than likely, family practitioners and their downtown dental colleagues are utilizing their online journals as well. They need to in maintaining their practice as a responsible one.

This ongoing exercise of making new discoveries and never closing the book on higher learning does justice to the ancient Hippocratic Oath. Back then journal keeping was also in vogue. Is it any wonder then that we are able to communicate so well with each other today?